How to order:

Orders can be placed by phone:

Call Allison at (518) 686-9844  

Or by filling out an order form/cut sheet:  

Beef Cut Sheet

Pork Cut Sheet  

Cut sheets can be mailed to:

Jermain Hill Farm  
Attn: Allison Gulley
210 Jermain Hill Lane
Eagle Bridge, NY 12057

Or emailed to:

The Ordering Process:

As orders are collected amounting to a whole steer or hog, the process begins, we do not sell inventoried meat, all meat is sold to order. Therefore, we ask for a deposit with the order of $150 per quarter.

How is the meat packaged?

After the meat has hung for a few weeks it is cut into portions vacuum packed and quick frozen

How is the meat priced?

Our prices are all based on the “hanging weight” of the meat. It is important to understand the difference between “live weight”, “hanging weight”, and “boxed weight”.
Live weight is the animal’s weight prior to slaughter, and “hanging weight” is its weight after slaughter and the unusable parts have been removed.
Hanging weight is usually about 60 percent of live weight. The meat is then aged and cut into portions to finally become boxed weight.
Boxed weight is typically about 60 percent of hanging weight because there are further losses due to the cuts desired, aging, and trimming.